Tyler Stahl

Tyler Stahl

Tyler Stahl is Design Director at Volant Web Design. His core passion is improving the communication between people and their technology. He knows that when people and their technology communicate well together, then amazing things can happen and life is that much better. But when this communication breaks down, it causes stress and costs time and productivity.

All too often, the people that deeply understand high technology don't know how to talk with the people who don't. Tyler brings humanity and technology together to work as a translator. From his years working as a counselor to his years working with some of the best luxury brands in the world--he knows how to understand what people want and need, and how to communicate the value a brand can bring.

Matt Harris

Matt Harris, Student Intern

Matt has worked with Volant Web Design as a student intern since August 2017. He provides design and development support ranging from site maintenance to original coding and design. His technical aptitude extends beyond his deep understanding of website coding, including systems hardware and robotics. Matt can be reached by email.


Volant partners often with Descant Media for custom logos and for professional photography. Descant combines a personal touch with a close tracking of current trends in all of their design and photography work. When Volant customers need a new logo or photography, we set up a meeting or conference call with Descant to make sure everything works well together.

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